Mahabir Pun, after completing his education from University of Nebraska at Kearney returned back to his village Nangi and started to work as a teacher in Himanchal school, which was then a primary school. He thought education was only means to change the grass root of this rural sector and dreamed for a university at same place. He started upgrading his school and now it is a high school. By 2015 he had vision to make this school a university affiliated college that provides education upto masters level.

With this vision, the team thought source of funding for the upcoming college. Instead of relying upon the donors Mahabir Pun and his team thought of starting various business entities that raises funds for the college and create opportunities for the villagers as well. Therefore Annapurna Dhaulagiri community treks were introduced in the area which is fully run and operated by local communities. For the sustainability of school itself there was an idea to start restaurant business in Kathmandu, Thamel. This was the main reason behind the establishment of restaurant in Thamel.

The idea of restaurant at Thamel is followed by various other reasons. First of all we want to show to the entire development NGOs and INGOs that sustainability by creating own source of funding can be done to run any projects instead of relying upon donors. The restaurant also serves as a centre where development practioners meet there and share their ideas of innovations by conducting various talk programs and workshops. This center also acts as a contact point from where various activities led by Mahabir Pun can be assessed. On the other hand we want to develop this place as an innovation center where innovation of Nepali citizens are processed and produced with the main stream market.

Thamel is the center for tourism in Nepal and from here we can also market our community trekking route in Myagdi. People who want to know about Mahabir Pun and his work can directly come here and take information as they need. We have also planned to establish small hydropower station with the capacity of few mega watts to generate money for the cause.

So the idea of Nepal connection came into our mind because it helps to connect rural communities in Nepal and Kathmandu through our various projects as well as to the world. To run this center Mahabir Pun had taken loan from his friends and well wishers. We have planned to pay the loan by three years with 10% interest. The whole idea is like an experiment in development sector. If it succeeds then we believe it brings new paradigm in the development sector of Nepal and debate of self sustainability in social projects will take a giant leap.